House and Teepee Bed Information


Please note that our house and teepee bed frames come in a raw/sanded finish with NO varnish/stain/paint. The frames therefore can be susceptible to stains from moisture. It is recommended that if you are worried about possible staining that you apply a protective varnish coating to the sanded pine finish.


If you intend to varnish/stain/paint we recommend the bed be assembled first to ensure assembly markings are not interfered with. If applying the finish of you choice with the bed in flat pack form please make sure NOT to cover assembly markings as pieces are NOT interchangeable and must be assembled as per instructions. Howe and Zo accept no responsibility if these instructions are not followed and the bed cannot be reassembled correctly.


  • Howe and Zo recommend using two people to help stabilise certain pieces whilst assembling your house bed frame.
  • Assembly instructions are included in your package – it is important that you read and follow these instructions closely.
  • A 5mm HEX key is included in your package – this is to be used to tighten the screws of your bed frame – alternatively a drill with a 5mm HEX bit can be used to tighten the screws.