About us

Welcome! We are Howe and Zo.



  • Bricklayer by trade
  • Very handy woodworker
  • Amazing Father
  • Loves his man shed, tools and car



  • Registered Nurse
  • Very arts and crafts minded
  • Loves being a mum
  • Spends all her free time (which isn’t much) imagining up new creations for Adam to build



  • Born in Dec 2016
  • Always chilled and happy
  • Loves mum and dad
  • Intently watches everything around her
  • Cutest baby in the whole word (FACT)


We want to bring you beautiful good quality products just like we have created for Zoey. Living in Perth, it can be quite isolated and sometimes we are forgotten about. First and foremost we are all for Perth and WA but the idea of seeing our brand across the Nullarbor is a very exciting prospect!

We can’t wait to see all your happy images of your own family enjoying Howe and Zo! #howeandzo and tag @howeandzo